Saturday, October 24, 2009


Allow me to start by asking one important question:

“Are you really, really, really happy?”

(That’s the title of one of Bro. Bo’s bestselling book)

“Every living human being on this planet, at one point in their life or even at present are experiencing HEART WOUNDS. We tend to do crazy things, like entering into some forms of addiction… its because we have a heart wound – which can only be healed by love. A love found in relationships."

-“Your relationships will determine your happiness and success in every area of your life "

- ..”if you squeeze out the essence of life, you realize that life is all about relationships. ”

- "....relationships ..... They don’t go on autopilot.
Relationships are like wind-up toys.
If you don’t wind it up, the ballerina stops dancing and playing music."

When your relationships aren’t working, it’s because you’ve not been
winding them up.

".. at the end of the day, that’s what life is all about... I’ve realized that if you fail in your relationships, you fail in life.”

- “Work on your relationships… Relationships need renewal or they die...”

NOTE: One last thing, the relationship that Bro. Bo is referring to is not confined only to the common “husband and wife” relationship. There’s more….

How’s your relationship with, GOD, YOURSELF AND OTHERS? …

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