Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Bro. Bo's "Stop Trying to Fix People"

What You Like And What You Don’t Like

Maybe One And The Same Thing

"....the very thing that made you crazy for a person will be the very same thing that will drive you crazy in the years to come."

Proof No. 1: "
If you fell in love with your wife because she was bubbly and the life of the party, today, you want to zip her mouth so that there would be world peace."

Proof No. 2: "
If you fell in love with your husband because he was quiet, strong, and steady as a rock, today, you want to curse him for being so cold and unresponsive—like you’re talking to a rock."

Proof No. 3: "
If you fell in love with your wife because of her stunning beauty, today, you find yourself pulling your hair in the car, waiting for her because she takes 3 hours just to dress up and put on her make-up"

Proof No. 4: ".... Celfones -
I like the fact that I can call up the 954 people in my phone directory anytime. Useful when I have a flat tire, when I need a prayer, or when I’m on the rooftop because of Typhoon Ondoy...

I don’t like the fact that these 954 people can call me up at anytime—even when I’m lying on a hammock in a tiny island far out in the Pacific Ocean."

"When you accept the other person and become grateful for him, a great miracle happens: The person learns to accept himself too and thus bring healing of his Heart Wound. Changes begin to take place spontaneously"


"the only thing you can do is to love the person by creating space for the other person to fix himself."

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